a voyage of discovery to

isle meledia

An immersive dining experience that transports you and your senses to the lost island of Isle Meledia, to experience the sights, sounds, scents and tastes of forgotten cultures.

the magic of


tastes and flavours of the orient, middle east and islands are complimented by hand crafted cocktails, designed to heighten your senses and excite your mind

an exploration to a world of


our chef’s recreate dishes from around the world, in our own unique style, for an unrivalled social dining experience with friends

the beat of the island


we’ve hand picked DJ’s from across the North West to provide the perfect atmosphere, with chilled, low-fi house beats to immerse yourself in. plus, if the mood takes you, dancing is always encouraged

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if you’re a guest, enter your details for an invitation to our opening weekend. If you want to join our team, leave your details and we’ll contact you.